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  Apprenticeship tax

The institut de physique du globe de Paris is a 'Grand Etablissement' of higher education and research, and is world-renowned research institute in Earth Sciences. The courses we offer benefit from a close association with the IUP Génie de l'Environnement Industriel, which belongs to the Earth Sciences department STEP at University Paris Diderot. Our 150 researchers and academics, and more than 50 professionals from outside academia make up a unique team, which aims to train high-level technicians, engineers and researchers in the appropriate qualifications for their chosen career (from Bachelors and Masters up to PhD).



To ensure that the courses we offer to future scientists continue to improve, we have strengthened our partnerships with industry, and we have ambitious projects to develop our teaching program in ways that will reflect this relationship. However, any effort to improve educational facilities represents a major investment, and the apprenticeship tax is important to ensure the quality of our courses. Therefore, we are calling on you to support this initiative. To give you a better idea of our institute and the courses we offer, on this page you can download a presentation leaflet and a document explaining how to pay the apprenticeship tax.


Contact us if you want further information.


Contact :

Zarie Rouas, 01 83 95 75 70,