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  Vidéos des séminaires généraux

27 février 2020

"Ionosphere : connecting natural hazards and space"

by Elvira Astafyeva (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)



16 janvier 2020

"Observer, comprendre et prédire le champ magnétique terrestre"

by Gauthier Hulot (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)



28 novembre 2019

 "Rapid changes in Earth’s magnetic field: Satellite observations and core dynamics"

by Christopher Finlay (DTU Space, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark)



26 novembre 2019

 "Mission InSight : un an déjà!"



14 novembre 2019

"The formation of planets around young stars"

by Anders Johansen (Dept. of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, Lund University, Sweden)



15 octobre 2019

"L’éruption volcanique sous-marine en cours à Mayotte"



23 mai 2019

"Seismo-volcanic observations to understand volcanoes and seismogenic processes in general"

by Nikolai Shapiro (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)



9 mai 2019

"Early dynamics of planetary mantles: From magma oceans to solid-state convection"

by Nicola Tosi (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)



4 avril 2019

"New classes of abiotic organic compounds highlighted in the oceanic crust: implications for rock-powered life"

by Bénédicte Ménez (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)



17 janvier 2019

"What is so critical about the critical zone of the Earth?"

by Jérôme Gaillardet (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)



29 novembre 2018

"Volcanic ash: how does it form and how does it fall?"

by Katharine Cashman (University of Bristol, UK)



25 octobre 2018

"A geochemical view on the interplay between Earth's mantle and crust"

by Catherine Chauvel (Institut de physique du globe de Paris, France)



20 septembre 2018

"The evolving composition of the upper continental crust"

by Roberta Rudnick (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)



14 juin 2018

"Basalt alteration: weathering processes, landscapes and oceans"

by Louis Derry (IPGP / Cornell University, USA)



22 mai 2018

"Formation of the Early earth and surface environment in scenarios of pebble accretion"

by Shigeru Ida (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)



18 mai 2018

"The Cassini mission at Saturn : latest results and legacy"

by Linda Spiker (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA)



3 mai 2018

"From fishnet stockings to falling apples : earthquake interactions on the scale of a fault to the planet"

by Ross S. Stein (Stanford University, USA)



5 avril 2018

"The onset of plate tectonics"

by Chris Hawkesworth (University of Bristol)



30 mars 2018

"Life on Mars"

by Congrès des doctorants 2018



20 mars 2018

"Exoplanets and the quest for Universal life"

by Didier Queloz (Obs Genève & Univ. Cambridge)



15 mars 2018

"Seismic waves : a unique source of information on glaciers and landslides"

by Anne Mangeney (IPGP, Univ. Paris Diderot and INRIA-LJLL)



1er février 2018

"GPS and Absolute Gravity Observations to determine glacial isostatic adjustment in Greenland"

by Tonie Van Dam (Université du Luxembourg)



18 janvier 2018

"A cosmochemical-astrophysical approach to the first millions years of the Solar system"

by Marc Chaussidon (IPGP)



11 octobre 2017

"Scientific Publishing from the Inside out"

by Brent GROCHOLSKI (associate editor at Science)



28 septembre 2017

"Mantle plumes rooted at the core-mantle boundary :

evidence from seismic waveform tomography"

by Barbara Romanowicz (Collège de France, IPGP, U.C. Berkeley)



24 mai 2017

"Mercury's enigmatic origin : results from the MESSENGER mission"

by Denton S. Ebel



11 mai 2017

"Petrological monitoring of the volcanoes"

by Caroline Martel



20 avril 2017

"Hydrothermal monitoring of restless volcanoes in the US"

by Steve Ingebritsen



9 mars 2017

"Cryoconite ponds on Snowball Earth : implications for Cryogenian organic productivity,

atmospheric oxygenation and microbial evolution"

by Paul F. Hoffman



1er décembre 2016

"Experimental volcanology : accessing the inaccessible"

by Donald B. Dingwell



18 novembre 2016

"Mountain building and mantle dynamics"

by Claudio Faccenna



3 novembre 2016

"Hydrogéophysique et biogéophysique : vers de nouvelles frontières en géosciences"

by André Revil



20 octobre 2016

"Recent work in the understanding of mass independent isotope effects and application to the archean,

ice cores, present atmospheres and the origin of the Solar system"

by Mark H. Thiemens



2 juin 2016

PLUTO REVEALED : Latest results from NASA's New Horizons missions

By Richard P. Binzel



10 mars 2016

MINERAL ECOLOGY : Change and necessity in the mineral evolution planets

By Robert M. Hazen